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We use our teeth every single day, and wear and tear and the acids released by bacteria can cause damage and decay, despite our best efforts. When you need the help of a dental professional, Five Star Dental FC provides compassionate care and expert treatment that restores health and beauty to your smile. Dr. Mark Kollar is a trusted professional who listens to your concerns and goals and provides quality and customized dental services.

Tooth-Colored Fillings for Discreet Cavity Treatment

Tooth decay is a common ailment that is easily remedied if treated in the early stages. Tooth-colored composite resin is a preferred cavity treatment because it has several advantages that traditional, silver fillings do not. 

  • It is matched to surrounding dentition. 
  • It allows for the maximum preservation of a tooth’s structure. 
  • It contains no toxic metals. 
  • It securely and seamlessly bonds onto teeth.
  • It is strong and durable, lasting for many years. 

Porcelain Crowns Restore Form and Function 

Sometimes tooth decay passes through the outer layers of a tooth, allowing bacteria to enter a the inner chamber or pulp. This causes an infection in the tooth’s root canal, requiring root canal therapy to preserve the tooth. 

Teeth that have extensive damage or have undergone root canal therapy typically have a porcelain crown to protect them from further damage and to restore their function. After an impression is taken of the tooth, a lab designs a customized crown that performs like a natural tooth. Porcelain crowns are matched in color to surrounding dentition and blend in seamlessly with your natural smile

Implant Supported Restorations   

There are several factors that may lead to tooth loss: trauma, gum disease, advanced decay, or genetics. Tooth loss, whether it be a single tooth, a row of teeth or a full arch, can now be treated with dental implant restorations. Patients are thrilled with the way dental implants restore complete function and support strong crowns for a smile that looks and feels natural. 

Implant restorations are permanently supported by surgically placed titanium posts that fuse with the jaw bone. The posts help stimulate bone growth and preserve your facial features. 

Dr. Mark Kollar at Five Star Dental FC Provides Quality Dentistry and Compassionate Care

When you need help preserving your smile with restorations, our team provides a variety of treatments that return beauty and function to your smile. For a comprehensive evaluation and expert restorations, contact us today! 

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