Periodontal Disease

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From a very young age, we learn about the dangers of gum disease, but the causes and complications are rarely discussed further. Gum disease is a progressive infection that can weaken oral health, cause tooth loss, and significantly impact the rest of your body.

At Five Star Dental FC, our dedicated team of skilled oral healthcare professionals can help you prevent and overcome periodontal disease for a healthy, youthful smile.

What is Periodontal Disease?

In most cases, gum disease starts with plaque, the thin film of bacteria, sugars, and food particles that coats your teeth. If left unchecked, plaque spreads and grows, eating away at teeth and eventually working its way beneath the gum line.

It is here in the pockets between our gums and teeth that gum disease takes hold. The early stages, known as gingivitis, results in inflamed, irritated gums that bleed during brushing. Early intervention of gingivitis is the best way to treat the disease and prevent more severe dental issues.

Periodontitis is more aggressive and more damaging than gingivitis. It can pose a serious health risk, as well as possible tooth loss and reduction of bone mass.

Preventing Gum Disease

The steps for preventing gum disease are simple and straightforward and also recommended for preventing many other dental issues.

Brushing – It’s no secret that brushing is an important factor in oral health. Professionals recommend that you brush your teeth twice every day, for at least two minutes.

Flossing – Flossing is every bit as important as brushing. A toothbrush simply can’t reach the many contours and crevices of our dental structure, but floss can get between teeth and right up to the gums to clear away any plaque missed while brushing.

Rinsing – After brushing and flossing, rinsing with mouthwash is a great way to neutralize any remaining bacteria in the mouth while simultaneously freshening breath.

Regular Dentist Visits – As vital as your daily oral hygiene habits may be, they cannot match the effectiveness of an expert cleaning. Consistent professional cleanings and exams also allow your dentist to check for other health concerns, such as oral cancer.

Sugar-Free Gum – Few things are as effective at naturally cleaning our teeth as saliva. Chewing gum promotes the production of saliva, but can leave even more sugar behind, negating the benefits. Chewing sugar-free gum after a meal performs this task without the extra sugar.

Gum Treatment Options

There are two main treatments for periodontal disease, depending on the severity of your condition.

For gingivitis, routine cleanings can halt the spread of the infection and keep bacteria in check. Combined with diligent at-home oral hygiene routines, reclaiming your oral health is a reachable goal.

Periodontitis requires ongoing treatment to keep it contained. This treatment consists of a more intense procedure called scaling and root planing and involves cleaning not only the surfaces of teeth but the roots beneath the gum line as well.

Professional Oral Care 

Periodontal disease is a risk, but it doesn’t have to be an ongoing issue. Contact Five Star Dental FC for more information about gum diseases and expert treatment and preventive care.

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