Cleanings & Prevention

Cleanings and Preventive Services  

Professional cleanings and preventive services are essential for keeping your smile healthy. At Five Star Dental FC, we provide these services and more. Mark Kollar, DDS, along with his dedicated team of hygienists and dental professionals, offers the preventive care patients needed to maintain optimal oral health. Whether you are coming in for a routine cleaning or more extensive preventive treatments, our staff is prompt and efficient when performing these essential oral health care duties. 

Dr. Kollar Prioritizes Preventive Care 

Our dental team is dedicated to seeing our patients in a timely manner and we avoid double booking our appointments. Patients at Five Star Dental FC can expect prompt service delivered with compassion. 

Only the Latest Technology 

At Five Star Dental FC, Dr. Kollar maintains the health of his patients using only the latest technology the dental industry has to offer. For example, he uses a sonic scaling device for deep cleanings. These machines use air pressure to create high-frequency sound waves and will quickly and efficiently remove plaque, tartar, debris, and biofilm from the crown and root surfaces of the teeth.

Maintain a Beautiful Smile with Our Free Bleaching for Life Program 

Teeth whitening pairs well with cleanings. Dr. Kollar offers free bleaching material to patients who complete both of their bi-yearly check-ups and are in stable condition. Untreated active decay or periodontal disease should be resolved before beginning any type of bleaching treatment. 

Mark Kollar, DDS: Fort Collins’ Preventive Dentist

It’s always preferable to prevent complications, rather than treat them after the fact. At Five Star Dental FC, we provide preventive dentistry treatments to promote your best oral health. We take our cleanings and preventive measures seriously.  

If you have more questions about preventive dentistry or any of the other essential services we offer here, please feel free to browse our site and give us a call for more information. We look forward to working with you!

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