Meet the Team at Five Star Dental FC

Dr. Kevin Pass

Dr Kevin Pass graduated from the Victoria University, Manchester Dental School England in 1977. Subsequently, he and his partner ran five dental offices in the North of England. In the 1980’s Kevin and his family moved to Cape Town, South Africa, to escape the UK climate and the socialized dental system. While in Africa, Kevin got involved with teaching Aesthetic Dentistry. He visited the United States for the first time in 1986 and fell in love with the Country and it’s people. He received advanced training in Aesthetic Dentistry and subsequently returned to South Africa where he formed a company to train technicians and dentists the techniques of using porcelain veneers, to improve the appearance of patient’s teeth. Subsequently, Kevin returned to the UK and lectured and gave hands-on courses across Europe; including, Holland, Sweden, Italy, Ireland, France, Greece and Spain. Eventually, an American dental company sponsored Kevin and his family into the USA in 1992. Kevin gave numerous courses across the USA, Mexico and Canada. He also had to study for an American Dental Degree, because the UK degree is not recognized in the USA. He received a DDS degree in 1996 and went back into practice. Kevin was one of the first general dentists to start placing and restoring implants 15 years ago, since then he has placed countless implants. He has two children who are dentists and one who is a veterinarian. His wife, Julie, is a retired RN. Kevin intends to continue to practice on a part time basis for many years to come, with a focus on placing dental implants.

Kary Kollar

Office Manager/Administrative Supervisor

Kary, a native of Fort Collins, has been in dentistry 30 years.  She has been involved as manager, client services, and assisting.  Kary’s family lives in the area.  She was national gymnastics contender and once asked to train with Nadia in the Springs for the olympics.


Dental Assistant


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