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Mark Kollar, DDSDr. Mark grew up in the northern suburban of Minneapolis, the city of Blaine, Minnesota.  He attended Concordia College in the Fargo Moorhead area and received a BA degree with honors.  The University of Minnesota School of Dentistry is where Dr. Mark received his DDS degree and earned a BS concurrently.

In dental school, Dr. Mark was chosen by the faculty to receive the GV Black Gold Foil Achievement Award given to the outstanding operative dentist in the class.  The award in prosthodontics  (dentures, partials, crowns) was also received by Dr. Mark from the faculty. 

Having finished dental school graduation requirements well before the end of his senior year, the faculty invited Dr. Mark to be appointed and work as a clinical instructor before graduation.  This position was held as a part time position for about 10 years achieving the position of assistant professor.

When the dental implants we know today came to the US in the 80’s, the Branemark Dental Implant System did not allow general dentists to be trained in surgical dental implant placement.  Specialists in different disciplines as well as university faculty were allowed to receive surgical dental implant training.  Being on faculty, Dr. Mark was one of the first general dentists in the US to receive surgical training in the Branemark Dental Implant system from the Swedish manufacturer, which was the gold standard of dental implant systems still found today.

Before it became popular, Dr. Mark was using pressurized baking soda like particles to polish teeth at regular visits.  This allows the particles to get into grooves and ridges of the tooth in a less abrasive way causing no damage to the enamel of the tooth.

After an associate ship in the Minneapolis suburbs, Dr. Mark bought a practice in the resort retirement area of Pequot Lakes, Minnesota.  At the time, Pequot had a population of 800 people.  It was here that Dr. Mark treated 3,500 patients and worked with three doctors and nine staff members.

Dr. Mark moved to Fort Collins, Colorado.  During this time, he achieved a fellowship award in the academy of general dentistry and was the founder of the Midwest Orthodontic Study Club.

Dr Mark was one of the first dentists to have the laser cavity detection units in Colorado and he was featured on CNN about the technology for a Med Tech TV spot to showcase this achievement.

Dr Mark has successfully consulted with the best hygiene consultants in the field of non-surgical soft tissue management. If painless gum disease leading to gum surgery can be avoided, Dr. Mark is aware of the best techniques to use to avoid surgery.

Two pharmaceutical companies were co-founded by Dr. Mark and he is the author of a patent for needle free nasal dental anesthetic, and a migraine patent as well as other patents pending.  Some of the interviews regarding this technology can be found on news videos done in the past on CBS and NBC as well as on the US Patent Trade Mark Office website.

Prior to the current newer practice today, it is estimated that Dr. Mark has seen approximately 9,000 new patients and performed over 45,000 procedures.  If training, experience, comprehensive care, and Five Star service are important, Dr. Mark would enjoy working together with you.  

Dr. Mark has been involved as a founding member of the Pequot Lions Club, Pequot Rotary Club, a Paul Harris Fellow, Blandin Paper Company Community Scholarship recipient, and Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Mark and his wife Kary have seven children; A dentist, Air Force Pilot, Brew Master, Interior Designer, medical student, and two in college.

Ageless Dentistry

Botox treatment is also available with our clinic for cosmetic as well as jaw joint pain conditions. The techniques that we use can control the dental aging process as measured by attachment of tooth to bone and restoring teeth. Your dental age can be 25 at age 65 or older.  Botox and fillers can partially regenerate collagen lost in natural aging.  A nice compliment to a youthful dental age.  Teeth whitening and cosmetic veneers top off the anti aging roll back if desired. 

"I like to think people are happy to be in our practice and value the continued younger long term wellness they have today.” - Dr. Mark Kollar

“Interest in people and a single minded persistence has lead to the successes in many areas of treatment outcomes.  I feel good about creating things that have lasting value..  High intention and quality are good reasons to get up and do it again each day. I search for ways to improve treatment and care each time a service is provided while enjoying the benefits with those who choose to work with me.   Quality is the constant and time to complete the chosen outcome is the variable determined by the patient."   

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